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        2012 Chronicle of Events

        Mr. Dai Houliang, Sinopec senior vice President, CCP Committee member of Sinopec group company visited SSPC & FPPC and conveyed his warm greetings to the retired staffs, model workers, and service station employees.


        Safety supervision team of the State Council led by Mr. Zhao Huilin conducted safety inspection in SSPC on February 24, 2012 and requested SSPC to take effective measures to rectify the safety issues in facilities, management and operations.


        Mr. Neo Kim Teck, Retail Director of Exxon Mobil Asia Pacific Co. visited SSPC on March 28, 2012 and recognized the achievements made by SSPC in the past five years and expressed his confidence on the prospect of the Company.


        Mr. Xia Shixiang, vice general manager of Sinopec Sales Co. and SSPC Chairman of Board of director visited SSPC on April 23-26, 2012 . He recognized the business performance of SSPC and put forward higher standards and requirements, especially in direct sales and distribution, capital management and risk prevention in out-sourcing.


        Mr. Ben Soraci, retail VP of Exxon Mobil visited SSPC on July 11, 2012 . He fully recognized the business performance of SSPC in the past five years, and expressed full confidence on the cooperation with Sinopec.


        Saudi Aramco management visited SSPC service stations in Xiamen to understand SSPC HSE management, oil product quality control and L/CNG operation.


        Mr Abdulrahman F.A l ¨C Wuhaib, Saudi Aramco senior vice President visited SSPC on November 9, 2012 and complimented the outstanding business performance, HSE facilities and management.


        SSPC & FPPC Fulfilled 2013 Target. SSPC and FPPC focused on growth and profitability in 2012 by expanding market and improving operating quality. The total sales volume of SSPC & FPPC was 3% over the sales plan and the gross profit is 19.8% over the budget.


        FPPC & SSPC got the honorary title of ¡°Advanced Units in Safety¡± awarded by Sinopec Group for the 11th consecutive year. In 2012, the company firmly established the concept of " Developing with safety, cleanness and harmony¡± and always adhered to the policy of "safety first, prevention first, overall staffs motivated, improve the environment, protect health for scientific management and sustainable development" and the safety supervision principle of ¡°all staffs, whole process, all-around and all-weather¡± and achieved the generally stable safety situation and no reportable accidents or major environmental pollution accidents. FPPC & SSPC got the honorary title of ¡°Advanced Units in Safety¡± awarded by Sinopec Group for the 11th consecutive year.


        SSPC Passed Safety Standardization inspection. As required by Fujian Provincial Safety Bureau in ¡°Development of safety standardization system of dangerous chemical enterprise¡±, SSPC developed safety management standardization system and self-assessment have been made in all the service stations and terminals based on the requirement and the issues identified were rectified. All the 791 SSs and 9 terminals have passed the assessment in safety management standardization with 63 level-2 service stations, 728 level-3 SSs, 7 level-2 terminals, 2 level-3 terminals.


        SSPC & FPPC Retail Network Development Awarded by Sinopec Sales Company. SSPC & FPPC continued to enhance the retail network development by taking opportunities and strengthening performance assessment and over- performed the service station development target of 2012 and ranked No.2 among all the sales companies by increasing 55 SSs in 2012.


        SSPC & FPPC made good performance in HRP System contest. SSPC & FPPC jointly attended the technical contest of HRP System of Sinopec group. One attendant got the silver medal and two got the bronze medals. The team won the bronze group medal, which is a historical best performance for SSPC & SSPC.


        SSPC & FPPC actively participated in the local poverty relief and charity undertakings in 2012 in an effort to be a ¡°highly responsible and highly respected" enterprise. SSPC & FPPC supported Sinopec to coordinate with the local government in the program of ¡°Sinopec Brightness Express¡± and donated poverty-relief fund of totally RMB 2.15 million to the local government and further upgraded social image.


        SSPC & FPPC began to supply auto diesel of State level-3 with lower sulphur content in Fujian from Feb 1, 2012, which will reduce the vehicle emission and benefit the environment protection.


        9 frontier employees with outstanding performance in SSPC & FPPC campaign of ¡°Serving people and Striving for Excellence¡± gave speech in Fuzhou on May 7, 2012. The central and local media agencies reported and praised this event. This campaign promoted SSPC to further the efforts of providing customers with experiences of speed, convenience and comfort.


        SSPC First L/CNG SS Debut in Xiamen. SSPC first CNG SS (Wutong SS in Xiamen) started operation at 22:00 on May 1, 2012, and the next is Huizhan SS in Xiamen, which is a breakthrough for SSPC in natural gas business.


        SSPC standardization work is in smooth progress. As approved by National Standardization Committee, SSPC became the first state-level service industry standardization pilot company in Nov 2011. SSPC completed the files of the standardization system and conducted the implementation and assessment in 2012. The module of management by unusual indicators started operation in June 2012 and introduced the mechanism of ¡°pre-warning, control and post-feedback¡±, which would strengthen the monitor and control of company¡¯s business operation.


        SSPC conducted KEY IT system discovery recovery drilling on Feb 23, 2012 in Xiamen DRS Center. The drilling tested the function of the system and the capacity for the continuous operation, indicating the further improvement of the DRS.


        SSPC established Youth Committee on July 30, 2012 to strengthen the communications with the young staffs and to motivate the morale of the young staffs.

        Events of 2011 (chronologically)

        Sinopec Chairman of Board of Director Fu ChengYu Visited SSPC & FPPC

        Sinopec Chairman of Board of Director Fu ChengYu Visited SSPC & FPPC on September 26, 2011 and fully recognized the outstanding performance made by both SSPC and FPPC as well as the improvement in the internal operation system and management level, which is becoming a role model among Sinopec JVs and in cooperation with foreign companies. During the visit, Chairman Fu, on behalf of Sinopec, signed ¡°Agreement on further Strengthening Cooperation in Petrochemical Industry¡± with Fujian Provincial Government.


        Sinopec Senior President Zhang JianHua Visited SSPC & FPPC

        Sinopec Senior President Zhang JianHua visited SSPC & FPPC on August 11-13, 2011 and fully recognized the outstanding performance and management of both SSPC and FPPC and the good momentum in development, especially SSPC standardization system, which is leading in Sinopec and can be expanded to other Sinopec affiliates.


        Sinopec Group Company Executives Visited SSPC & FPPC

        Sinopec group company executives headed by Mr. Xu Bin, the director of Sinopec Discipline Supervision Department, visited SSPC & FPPC. After listening to work report and inspecting the front line units, they highly recognized the outstanding performance in both operation and party activities of both SSPC and FPPC.


        ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing Controller Ms. Patricia Bost Visited SSPC

        ExxonMobil Fuels Marketing Controller Ms. Patricia Bost visited SSPC service stations and listened to the briefing on service station rebranding and management. She was very glad to see the thriving business in SSPC service stations.


        Exxon Mobil Auditors Visited SSPC

        On April 1ST, 2011, Mr.Paul J.Sanford, ExxonMobil Downstream General Auditor and Mr. Douglas Cronquist, EM Area Audit Manager visited SSPC service stations and terminals. They asked about the operation and management and highly recognized the outstanding performance during the past four years since JV formation.


        SSPC President Hao Guoqiang Awarded ExxonMobil "SSHE" Honorary Medal

        On September 30, Mr. Mark Shores, ExxonMobil retail vice President, on behalf of ExxonMobil, awarded SSPC President Hao Guoqiang "SSHE(safety, security, health and environment) " medal of honor, which is the highest honor in safety management of ExxonMobil. Mr Mark Shores expressed appreciation to President Hao for the outstanding leadership in HSE management, HSE system development and retail management, which is a role model of best operation practice. President Hao is the only one from Asia to win the 2011 annual award.


        SSPC & FPPC Achieved Record high Sale Volume and Profit

        In 2011 SSPC and FPPC management and employees strived to expand the market and tap the efficiency and improve the service. SSPC has carried out the campaigns of "Best practice sharing and sales contest" and "Excellent Service for Customers" and achieved record high business performance. Total oil sales of two companies have increased by 7.2% from last year.


        SSPC & FPPC HSE Performance Highly Recognized by Sinopec Group and Fujian Provincial Government

        In 2011, both SSPC and FPPC adhered to the HSE guideline of "Safety first and prevention by every staff, comprehensive management, improving the environment, protecting the health, sustainable development" and safety supervision and management principle covering every staff and whole process. SSPC has vigorously promoted the safety responsibility system development and implementation and strengthened the quality and quantity management and achieved zero major safety accident and environmental accident. SSPC has been awarded the title of outstanding HSE performance by Sinopec group and highly recognized by the provincial government and the experience in HSE management has been spread to all the units in Fujian by provincial government.


        SSPC Maintained good momentum in Retail Network Development

        In 2011, SSPC and FPPC have cooperated closely in service station network development and taken the opportunity to develop 72 service stations, which is far over the target of 35 SSs assigned by Sinopec Headquarter. The projects under construction is progressing smoothly and 32 out of the 50 SSs under construction have been put into operation and another four SSs are under construction.

        By the end of 2011, SSPC is operating 820 SSs and the total number of service stations is up to 35% in Fujian province, 3% higher than the previous year.


        SSPC Brand Development and Public and Media Relation Commended by Sinopec

        SSPC and FPPC have had close cooperation and communication with local government and community and have strengthened communication and coordination with news agencies. SSPC and FPPC have responded effectively and efficiently to media agencies and there is no negative reports about two companies in this year. Both SSPC and FPPC have been commended by Sinopec for the outstanding brand development and public and media relations. The social image of the company has also been further improved. SSPC and FPPC signed the strategic cooperation memorandum with Quanzhou government on March 10, 2011 to strengthen the cooperation and promote the economic development of Quanzhou city. SSPC signed the strategic cooperation memorandum with Nanping government on Aug 6, 2011.


        SSPC & FPPC Launched Campaign of Contest for Excellence

        SSPC & FPPC Launched Campaign of Contest for Excellence in 2011 in order to build a highly responsible and highly respected enterprise. SSPC has improved the service quality and ensured market supply, which has been recognized by the provincial government.


        FPPC and SSPC Celebrated 90th Anniversary of Founding of CPC

        FPPC and SSPC Celebrated 90th Anniversary of Founding of Communist Party of China by holding singing, writing and photography contest to inspire all party members and employees to inherit the good traditions of the Party and make better performance.


        SSPC Achieved Good Result in Standardization System Development

        SSPC has been awarded the AAAA rating of enterprises with standardization system and made further optimization on 42% of the current business process and developed three level indicators for management by abnormality and started online trial in Jan 2012.

        The standardization system of SSPC has been highly recognized by National Standardization commission and State Quality Supervision Bureau.


        SSPC Asset Title Transfer in Smooth Progress

        By end of 2011, asset title transfer of 37 service stations have been completed and tax and fees payment completed for another 31 service stations. The settlement for the 355 APA service stations with land leased has been reached and the relevant tax issues have been resolved.


        SSPC Started to Develop Self-serve Service Stations

        SSPC started to develop self-serve service stations from November 2011 in Fujian province and up to now 14 self-serve service stations have been put into operation.


        SSPC Information System in Rapid Development

        In 2011, SSPC vigorously promoted the information system development by integrating oil lifting card system, logistics distribution system and ERP system. The credit management system is formally on line and the oil lifting card system has been smoothly upgraded and the electronic identity stamp has been put into use. The development of disaster recovery system has been completed. The risk control and disaster recovery capacity of information system have been greatly enhanced.


        SSPC Shareholders Joint audit Completed

        SSPC Shareholders Joint audit, headed by ExxonMobil auditors, has been implemented from February 28, 2011 to April 8, 2011. The audit team is consisted of 15 auditors from Sinopec, ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco. The auditors reviewed the operation and management situation of the company during 2009 and 2010. They recognized the general performance but also raised issues for improvement.


        SSPC 10th Board Meeting and 9th BAC Meeting Held in Saudi Aramco Headquarters Office

        SSPC 10th Board Meeting and 9th BAC Meeting were held in Saudi Aramco Headquarters Office in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia on March 8-9 2011. The delegation visited the exhibits of Saudi Aramco and the terminal facilities and oil fields in Shaybah to have deep understanding of the history and development of Saudi Aramco as the biggest petroleum company in the world.


        SSPC 11th Board Meeting and 10th BAC Meeting Held in Xiamen

        SSPC 10th Board Meeting and 9th BAC Meeting was held on November 11-12 in Xiamen. Board reviewed and approved the 2012 sales plan, HR plan, investment plan and financial plan. Board also approved the amendment to PSA and one-off recognition of 2011 to SSPC employees. BAC reviewed and approved 2012 internal control and audit plan.


        Special Products of Fujian Province Gained Access to Sinopec C-Store

        Sinopec sales company signed special products purchase agreement with Fujian Commercial Group Company on December 22, 2011 in Fuzhou. Sinopec signed agreement of intent to purchase Fujian special products with amount of RMB 210M and promote the products in Sinopec C-store network. The amount of initial order has exceeded RMB 20M.


        Events of 2010 (chronologically)
        Sinopec Senior Management Visited SSPC
        Mr. Wang Zuorang, member of Sinopec Party Committee, visited SSPC & FPPC on June 9 to 11, 2010. He fully recognized the great contribution made by SSPC and FPPC to the local economy.

        Mr. Lei Dianwu, Vice President of Sinopec, visited SSPC on January 28, 2010.
        He conveyed the greetings to the front line employees in service stations and was deeply impressed by the service stations with JV features and C-stores with abundant commodities. And he encouraged staff to make new contributions to the company and Sinopec.

         2010 SSPC Oil Products Sales Up to over 5 million Ton 
        2010 SSPC sales of fuel product is 5.155 million tons, up 22% vs 2009.
        116% of the target approved by Board, which is a historic breakthrough with sales volume higher than 5MT, ranking No.9 in Sinopec Sales Company.  
        SSPC & FPPC Deepen "I want safety" Theme Activity
        SSPC & FPPC deepened "I want safety" Theme Activity in 2010 by strengthening employees¡¯ safety awareness in order to firmly establish "I want safety" concept.  Secondly is to define full responsibility on safety for all employees and effectively implement the safety responsibility system at all levels ; thirdly is effectively eliminate the "three violations" and "habitual violation" . After a year of "I want safety" theme activities, both companies have achieved good performance in safety with none reportable incidents. It is awarded the title of ¡°advanced company in safety and environmental protection¡± by Sinopec and Fujian provincial government.
        SSPC Promoting the replacement of National Level II Mogas with National Level III Mogas
        According to the State Council's "Petrochemical Industry Restructuring and Revitalization Plan" and the requirement of Fujian Provincial Government£¬SSPC has promoted the use of National level III mogas with better function and higher standard. SSPC started to supply National level III mogas in service stations in coastal areas from March 1st,2010 and spread to all SSPC service stations in Fujian Province from July 2010.

        SSPC & FPPC Launch "Best Practices Sharing and Sales Contest¡± Activities 
        Under instructions from Sinopec HQ, SSPC & FPPC Launched "Best Practices Sharing and Sales Contest¡± Activities in different business functions including  retail, I&W, safety, financial management and corporate management.
        SSPC & FPPC Got Prize in Competition among Sinopec Affiliates
        SSPC & FPPC formed joint team to participate in the skill competition held by Sinopec Marketing Company in training, investment, land management, logistics optimization, and financial ERP and discipline inspection and supervision. The teams have made good performance and got prizes.
        SSPC Keeping Effective Communication with News Media
        In 2010. SSPC strengthened communication with news media and propaganda through the news spokesman and New Year Conference with the news agencies and inviting the journalists from more than 20 news agencies to visit SSPC service stations and terminals as well as FREP. With all these efforts, SSPC has maintained a good public image.
        SSPC Fighting against Super Typhoon and Flood
        Since June 2010, Fujian province has suffered from frequent typhoons and floods, especially in northwestern Fujian region. .SSPC has effectively responded to the natural disaster based on HSE typhoon emergency response system to ensure the safety of employee and minimize property damage, and recovered the operation soonest possible and tried best to ensure the market supply . Furthermore, SSPC has also assisted the local government in the recovery from the disaster and all the efforts have been highly recognized by the local government.
        SSPC Standardization System On Line
        After about three years¡¯ efforts, SSPC Standardization System was successfully on line from May 2010 and SSPC is the first company with comprehensive standardization system in Sinopec marketing company, which has been highly recognized by senior managers of Sinopec HQ and National Standardization Committee.
        SSPC Strengthening Brand and Image
        SSPC has endeavored to create a "fast, comfortable, convenient," experience for the customers and in the same time, made best efforts to develop new service stations for the sustainable development of sales network. The number of SSPC service stations has increased from 676 to 777, with the rebranded service stations accounting for more than 60% and up to 510. Nine new flagship customer service centers have been put into operation. The rebranded service station, with new images, in the whole province, has been highly recognized by shareholders.
        SSPC Upgrading HSE System
        After three years of persistent efforts in promoting HSE system building, SSPC Terminal Center¡¯s HSE system has been advanced to level 3.5, the effectiveness to level 3.4; Retail Management Center¡¯s HSE system has reached level 3.4. The building of HSE system has achieved good outcome.

         SSPC Developing Corporate Culture System
        SSPC has started to develop Corporate Culture System since the inception of the company.  After three years of deliberation, SSPC has gradually built up a Corporate Culture System comprising corporate mission, corporate vision, core £¦#118alues, corporate purpose and spirit of enterprise, business concepts, management concepts, staff awareness, job creed, etc.
        SSPC Made Donation to Primary School in Poor Area
        On January 14, 2010, SSPC donated some idle equipments including 12 computer, 6 printer , and 2 sets of cabinet copy machine and some stationary to Fenxi Primary School in Minxi County of Sanmin City, which has improved the educational resources of this school in the poor mountainous area.
        SSPC Held 8th Board Meeting and 7th BAC Meeting
        SSPC 8th Board Meeting and 7th BAC Meeting were held on March 24-25, 2010 in Hong Kong. The directors, OOP members and shareholders representatives attended the meeting.
        SSPC Held 9th Board Meeting and 8th BAC Meeting
        SSPC 9th Board Meeting and 8th BAC Meeting were held on October 18-19, 2010 in Sanya City. The 2011 business operating plan was reviewed in the meeting and 2011 investment plan was approved, and the Board also approved the amendment to SSPC Financial Policy and DOAG. The Board Audit Committee reviewed the 2010 audit report and internal control report and approved the 2011 audit and internal control work plan.  

        Events Of 2009 (chronologically)

        ¡ñ SSPC Achieved Good Marketing Performance in 2009

        With the full support of the shareholders and under the leadership of BOD, SSPC stood the test of the international financial crisis. The Office of the President along with the whole staff members overcame the sluggish demand and surplus supply as well as fierce competition in the region. Focusing on the central task of tapping the market and expanding the sales, the whole staffs were mobilized to go all out for reforms, management and development. Consequently, comparatively satisfactory outcomes were achieved in operation and management work.

        ¡ñ Good Performance in Small Parcel Sales

        Efforts were made to push forward the small parcel sales business in all-around manner by selectively setting up the collection points, providing trucks for small parcel sales  and revamping for dedicated dispensers. Meanwhile, the small parcel sales business was improved with favorable policy put in place to expand the small parcel sales, which gained great growth in terms of sales volume year on year.

        ¡ñ Service Station Network Development

        We have excelled the annual target in developing new service stations and accomplished the service station rebranding plan in 2009,. With unique design for each station, these service stations become a beautiful landscape in the region, showing the brand of the shareholders, upgrading the Company¡¯s image, and effectively sharpening the company¡¯s competitive edge. The rebranding of the service station was highly affirmed and promoted by Sinopec. Binbei SS in Xiamen was awarded Five Star Station by Sinopec Marketing Company.

        ¡ñ IT work in Good Progress

        The retail management system and information integration platform, the synergetic office platform, external website and other systems went live on line as scheduled. The construction of the security monitoring system for the service station and terminal are in smooth progress, and the high-standard central apparatus room has been put into operation on schedule. The stable operation of the information system and the network provides strong technical support for the operation and management.

        ¡ñ Good Performance in Safety, Quantity and Quality Management

        By intensifying the basic management and training of the safety, strengthening the quantitative and qualitative control over the oil product, focusing on rectification of the potential safety issues and paying attention to preventative measures against safety risks, the HSE system of Logistics Center has reached rating 3.1. The Company maintained a stable safe operation momentum throughout the year without reportable safety or quality incident, and was awarded the title Advanced Unit in Safety and Environment Protection for an eighth straight year along with Fujian Petroleum Branch by SINOPEC.

        ¡ñ Initial Objectives of Standardization System  Development Fulfilled

        After the standardization work was officially kicked off in September 2008, the phased objectives of the province-wide system standardization, i.e., preparation of the standards, has been basically completed through a series of work such as organization establishment, systems sheet finalization, template development, training, compiling and internal review. A complete ¡°3+1¡± enterprise system has been established. The scientific enterprise management and development platform consisting of the cultural concept system and the operation management system now enters the fast track.

        ¡ñ President of Exxon Mobil (China) Investment Co. Visited SSPC

        Mr. Paul Theys, President of Exxon Mobil (China) Investment Co., visited Wuyi and Beimen service stations at Fuzhou on March 20, 2009. He acknowledged the achievements Sinopec Senmei has made in the service station network development and retail management etc.

        ¡ñ VP of Saudi Aramco Visited SSPC

        Mr. Abdallah Al-Saadan and Mr. Mohammad Al-Ali, Vice President of Saudi Aramco paid a visit to Wuyi Gas Station in Fuzhou on March 26, 2009. They were pleased to see the changes happened after the rebranding and the improvement in operation.


        ¡ñ SSPC 6th Board Meeting and the 5th BAC Meeting Successfully Held


        SSPC¡¯s 6th Board Meeting and 5th BAC Meeting were held at Fuzhou on March 26, 27, 2009.


        ¡ñ VP of SINOPEC Visited SSPC & FPPC


        Mr. Zhang Jianhua, Senor vice president of SINOPEC visited SSPC on April 2, 2009 and fully acknowledged the efforts made by SSPC management in retail management, non-oil product business, safety management.

        ¡ñ Senior VP of Exxon Mobil Visited SSPC.

        During April 5 to 6, Mr. Don Humphreys£¬ senior vice president of Exxon Mobil and Mr. Kramer, vice president of Exxon Mobil visited SSPC and Wuyi service station and Shanghaixi service station on April 5 and 6, 2009. They had friendly talks with OOP members and fully affirmed the achievements of SSPC in business performance, safety management, and service station operation.

        ¡ñ Study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development

        According to the overall requirement of Sinopec, , a campaign of In-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development was launched and initial objectives of educating the Party members, updating scientific development and benefiting the employees were achieved.

        ¡ñ SSPC Headquarter Moving to New Building

        The office building of SSPC Headquarter was moved to Donghuang building on No.109, Wusi Road, Fuzhou on May 1, 2009.

        ¡ñ Lucky Draw for Diesel Sales Promotion

        During July 12~August 15, and November 8 ~ December 31, SSPC conducted two big prize lucky draw for diesel sales promotion at the gas stations, which played positive role in promoting diesel sales. During the period, the customers who have 60 liters of diesel filled each time for each vehicle at SSPC gas stations can get corresponding Lucky Draw Coupon.

        ¡ñ Strengthening Work on Communication with News Media

        A video conference on communication with news media was held at the headquarters of SSPC on August 20,2009, and a steering team was established. The team was headed by the Party Secretary of the Company with members coming from SSPC and FPPC£¬both will work closely in an effort to maintain the social image of the company and create a positive external environment for sustainable and harmonious development of the company.

        ¡ñ Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Visited SSPC

        Mr. Ali I. Al-Naimi, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia visited Fujian on November 11, 2009. Accompanied by President and CEO of Saudi Aramco Mr. Khalid Al-Falih during the visit, Mr. Naimi visited the service stations of SSPC.

        ¡ñ SSPC 7th Board Meeting and 6th BAC Meeting held smoothly

        SSPC 7th Board meeting and 6th BAC meeting were held in Beijing during November 15 -16, 2009.

        ¡ñ Title of OGM changed to OOP

        As per the 7th BOD meeting, the title of Office of the General Manager was changed to Office of the President (English abbreviation OGM was changed to OOP), General Manger was changed to President (English abbreviation GM changed to President, DGM to VP (Vice President)

        ¡ñ Staffs¡¯ Safety Awareness Enhanced through ¡°I Want Safety¡± Activities

        SSPC launched pre-shift and post-shift workshop, safety buddy, field work and construction safety, and Essay Contests themed I WANT SAFETY, and Happy Family Day activity for the staff and families to enhance the safety awareness of the staffs.

        ¡ñ SSPC Staffs Made good Performances in Sinopec Skill and Technique Contest

        Over 8000 staffs of the Company participated in the training for Skill and Technique Contest organized by Sinopec and made comparatively good performance in the contests, particularly in the Benefit & Compensation group,  SSPC ranked No.7 among Group and won the silver and bronze medal for Individuals. In the Retail group, the silver medal for Individual was won.

        ¡ñ SSPC Proactively Performs Social Responsibilities

        The Company launched a series of charity activities in 2009 to perform its social responsibilities. In the late 2009, the Company donated 12 computers, 6 printers, 2  copiers and other office supplies which are idle but in good condition to Fengxi School at Mingxi County in Sanming city,. On May 9, SSPC headquarters joined Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Volunteers Association and Village Commission of Hujiang Village, Lianjiang County in an environmental protection volunteer activity themed ¡°Care for Mother, Start with the Nature¡±.

        SSPC attaches great importance to the social benefit causes and will continue the causes in a persistent way in the future.

        Events of 2008

        ¡ñ SSPC Made Good Operation and Sales Performance in 2008

        2008 is the first complete fiscal year after SSPC formation. Under the full support of the shareholders and leadership of Board of Directors,  In face of various difficulties, we have endeavored to expand the market and upgrade the management and also strived to improve the employees¡¯ compensation and benefit.  With joint efforts of management and staffs, both the total sales volume and the economic benefit hit the historic high.

        ¡ñ SSPC Strived to Fulfill the Social Responsibility for Market Supply

        In 2008, SSPC withstood the test of a market with robust market demand and sales price dropping away from the purchase price in China. In order to fulfill the social responsibility for market supply, SSPC strived to expand the product supply in the market by means of intensifying self-purchase, optimizing the product distribution. The concerted efforts made by the management and workers forcefully secured the oil product supply for public undertakings, key engineering projects, drought relief, , Olympics-use and social vehicles, practically lived up to the economic and social responsibilities to guarantee the oil product supply in Fujian market. The effective measures taken by SSPC were praised by Fujian provincial government as well as consumers.

        ¡ñ Senior VP of Exxon Mobil. Visited SSPC

        Mr. J. Stephen Simon, Senior vice president of Exxon Mobil visited SSPC on January 15, 2008. He visited Wenzao Gas Station at Xiamen which had been rebranded and put into operation and expressed his satisfaction on the high standard, new design and new image of the rebranded station.

        ¡ñ SSPC¡¯s 4th Board meeting and 2nd BAC meeting Held at Shanghai

        SSPC¡¯s 4th Board meeting and 2nd BAC meeting Held at Shanghai on April 1, 2008.

        ¡ñ Brand-new operation and management conception established by SSPC

        In June 2008, SSPC raised the operation strategy of Best Customers¡¯ Experience of ¡°Speedy£¬Comfortable and Convenient¡± , and determined to lay solid foundation in the first year, yield fruit in the second year and build its brand in the third year depending on the shareholders¡¯ strengths.

        ¡ñ SSPC Launched the Management Standardization System Building

        In September 2008, based on the operation and management in the past one year, and the established strategy and development policy, SSPC reviewed, improved and updated the technical codes, management regulations and working standards in effect for operation and management functions involving all levels in the company. and issued Operation Manual for Enterprise Standardization (SSPC-ESOM). The all-around promotion of the enterprise standardization operation and management system and the operation mechanism will standardize and provide guidance for the implementation of the operating plan and realization of the operational objectives and various plans/targets in positive manner, which is an action to elevate the management level comprehensively.

        ¡ñ Vice President of Saudi Aramco visited SSPC

        Mr. Khalid Al-Falih, Vice President of Saudi Aramco visited SSPC on October 5, 2008. Mr. Al-Falih visited the service stations of SSPC and fully acknowledged the performance in retail management and expressed his confidence on the market prospects of the retail business as well as non-fule business of the company.

        ¡ñ SSPC¡¯s 5th Board meeting and 4th BAC meeting Held in Hongkong

        On November 8 and 9, 2008, SSPC held the 5th Board meeting and 4th BAC meeting at Hongkong.

        ¡ñ Non-oil Business in Good Progress

        Non-oil business is in good progress, and new business has been developed, such as Convenience Store, Drive-Thru, comprehensive automobile service, bill board advertisement, lottery, ATM and other businesses. The non-oil business scope have been expanded and brought new growth to SSPC, and also promoted the oil business and effectively strengthened the integral service level and benefit of SSPC.

        ¡ñ SSPC Accelerates Service Station Rebranding

        In 2008 SSPC launched the service station rebranding based on high Standard, new design and new image in all-around manner. The rebranded gas stations located in the cities, and highways showcase the brands of SSPC shareholders, elevate the integral network image, and effectively improve the service stations network competitive edge

        ¡ñ Two Promotions Campaign Yields Good Result

        Since its establishment, the Party Committee and Labor Union of SSPC focused on the operation and management of the Company, and actively carried out an activity themed GO TO GRASSROOT FOR HARMONY, INTENSIFY Unity FOR DEVELOPMENT according to the work requirement to FOCUS ON BOTH DEVELOPMENT AND HARMONY. In December 2008, SSPC was awarded the honorable title of ¡°Advanced Entity in Charity¡±.

        ¡ñ HSE System Development Makes Headway Steadily

        In the past one year, SSPC has strived to develop the HSE system in all-around manner. In the light of the criteria for System development, Practical Operation, Inspection Feedback, Constant Improvement, the Terminal Center has gradually formulated a set of system applicable to the safety management of the Company. Retail center has developed three HSE management zones and the overall safety management level in retail business line has been  greatly improved through internal inspection, skill contest and experience exchange. SSPC has realized the objectives of safe operation with zero reportable incidents throughout the year, and was awarded for the seventh straight year the title of Advanced Company in Safety by SINOPEC.

        Events of 2007

        ¡ñ Joint Venture Contract Signed at Beijing on February 25, 2007

        Sinopec, ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco signed the joint venture contract for oil product marketing project at Beijing on February 25, 2007. At the same time, SINOPEC, Fujian Province, ExxonMobile and Saudi Aramco declared to sign a joint venture contract for Fujian Refining and Ethylene Project. Signing of the two joint venture contracts marked a milestone progress in the china¡¯s first overall integrated project of refining and chemical production as well as oil product marketing.

        ¡ñ China¡¯s First Joint Venture for Integrated Project of Refining, Chemical and Marketing  Inaugurated at Beijing on March 30, 2007.

        On the morning of March 30, Sinopec, Fujian Province, ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco held the inauguration ceremony for the joint venture project at The Great Hall of the People at Beijing, indicating that the Chinese government had officially approved relevant joint venture contracts and issued the business licenses to the two joint venture companies of Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company Limited, and Sinopec SenMei (Fujian) Petroleum Company Limited. Former Vice Chairman of CPPCC Chen Jinhua, Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Mr. Ali I. Al-Naimi,, and representatives from relevant national ministries, Fujian Province, Saudi Aramco, ExxonMobil and Sinopec attended the ceremony. The total investment for the two joint ventures stands at 5 billion US dollars, which is the first Sino-foreign joint venture integrating refinery, chemical and oil product marketing in China.

        ¡ñ SSPC¡¯s first Board meeting Held at Beijing on March 30, 2007.

        ¡ñ SSPC¡¯s second Board meeting was held in Fuzhou on June 9, 2007.

        ¡ñ On 23:59, July 23, 2007 (control day), with smooth transition of operational data between FPPC and SSPC, SSPC started official operation.

        ¡ñ On August 3, 2007, the first member representatives of the first term Labor Union Committee of SSPC was held in Fuzhou.

        ¡ñ SSPC held grand Inauguration Ceremony in Fuzhou on September 5, 2007.

        SSPC held grand Inauguration ceremony in Fuzhou on September 5, 2007, marking successful beginning of the operation of the Fujian marketing joint venture and a new chapter in the Fujian petroleum industry development history.

        The official operation of SSPC will play a positive and effective role in developing the petrochemical industry in Fujian and, better meeting the increasingly demand for the oil product in Fujian and promoting the construction of the west coast economy zone of Taiwan Strait.

        ¡ñ From September 6 to the end of December, 2007, initial objectives of the operation and management system restructuring of SSPC has been achieved.

        ¡ñ SSPC¡¯s third Board meeting was held in Fuzhou on November 13, 2007.

        ¡ñ In the latter half of 2007, SSPC took all active measures to guarantee the supply in Fujian market.

        ¡ñ SSPC has steadily improved the Safety, Quantity and Quality management, and along with FPPC,  was awarded the title of Advanced Company in Safety management for the sixth straight year by SINOPEC.

        ¡ñ SSPC initiated the service station rebranding program in all-around manner, and made progress in the network development and brand upgrade.

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